Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego 3.0

Developed by Broderbund Software, Inc.
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Discover centuries of historically rich events as you try to capture Carmen Sandiego and her crooked cronies. It’s up to you to preserve the world’s historic inheritance. You’ll begin your search in the tombs of ancient Egypt and finish over 3,000 years later with the launching of the first person into space!
With two CD-ROMs worth of time travel, over 50 historical figures to meet, and the ACME Chronopedia™ full of historical information, kids expand knowledge of:

* U.S.A. history
* World history
* Historic events, personalities and achievements
* Ancient civilizations and cultures
* Scientific advances

And develop skills in:
* Deductive reasoning
* Chronological thinking
* Research skills
* Listening comprehension
* Historical analysis.

This educational application is also sold as "Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase" and is oriented to ages 8 to 12. You can enjoy it if you're a Mac or a Windows based system user. No Linux version available until now.
The following are the systems requirements:
Platform: PowerMac™
Media: CD-ROM
Hard Drive: 5MB
CD-ROM: 2X or better
Other: System 7.1.2 or higher, 9.5MB RAM

Platform: Windows® 3.1 or Windows® 95/98
Media: CD-ROM
CPU: 486/66Mhz or better
RAM: 8MB (16MB RAM for Windows® 95/98)
Hard Drive: 5MB
Video: Super VGA (640x480x256 color)
CD-ROM: 2X or better
Sound: Windows compliant sound device

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